What is VOIP Phone and How It Works?

What is VOIP Phone and How It Works? | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
What is VOIP Phone?

Full Form of VOIP Phone is Voice over Internet Protocol. VOIP phone works with the broadband internet connection that has a minimum speed of 90 kbps. If you are not sure about the bandwidth speed of your internet broadband connection then you can check it at www.vonage.com. VOIP phone coverts our voice that is a analog signal into a digital signal this makes for a more efficient way to talk on the phone and can save you money.

How It VOIP Phone Works?

There are three ways to use the VOIP phone.

1. with regular home phone just use an an analog telephone adapter, or ATA. This device converts the analog signal (your voice) to a digital signal. Once the signal is converted, it goes through the internet connection.

2. With IP phone connection no need for a separate ATA. We need only A Broadband as your telephone service is included with the hardware.

3. With the Connect through computer. Free or lower cost software installed on computer call using speakers, microphone, a sound card, and a high speed internet connection you can use your computer for VoIP. (Source)

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