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Infolinks is not dependable for any introduction. It’s amazing and fastest growing affiliate money making program on the web. Infolinks provides Context based inline advertisement which takes no space but gives a huge amount of revenue. If you are already a Member of Infolinks than you can easily participate in this grand contest. Prize level for this contest is very big First winner will get $ 1000, Second Will Get $500 and Grand Winner will get $ 5000.

So what do you have to do to win big Make Money Online Movie Contest? Create a movie clip (live or animation) up to 2 minute in length, showing your creative and funny ways of making money online. Finish the movie with the attached slide: Infolinks Challenge - Final Slide.

Upload your video to YouTube at

Send an email to during the Contest Period including your complete name, address (including zip code), telephone number, primary e-mail address and the URL of your video application posted at

During the contest period selected videos will be posted on this blog for all to view.

Judging Criteria:

All applications will be judged based on:

1. Creativity think outside of the you know, no clichs.
2. Originality shows something was never seen before.
3. Entertainment Value making money online can mean many things; surprise the world.
4. Performance Level keep decent video quality, at least better than ours.
5. Humor if we all laugh to tears, you get rich!

Here is A Example Video For The Same.

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abraxas said...

Affliate marketing is one of the best idea of advertisement and i am sure that it helps to do nice advertisement. The idea of your post is quite appreciating and amazing enough.

Gareth said...

I have heard many times about info links and i am sure that this going to work very well. People are going crazy when they see make money online and i am sure that this step of making money will be liked by many.

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