Download Firefox 3.5 | Build FirefoxAdd-On Contest

Download Firefox 3.5 | Build FirefoxAdd-On Contest | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Mozilla has released the new version Firefox 3.5. You can download free upgraded version of Mozilla Firefox 3.5 from their official site. Here is a video tour for the latest Firefox 3.5 and you can learn what is new inside the latest Firefox 3.5 Version. Not only download but if you are a developer and can built add-ons for Firefox 3.5 than you can take part in the contest "Firefox 3.5. Make the Next Great Web Experience!"

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Calvin Klein said...

From many days i have been hearing about this update which is gong to happen. Firefox is bringing its new version 3.5 and to promote it well i think that there will be an contest. Lets hope what happens next.

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