Get yourself on the cover page of any magazine.

Get yourself on the cover page of any magazine. | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Mag My Pic is a free online tool to make a fake Magazine cover. It’s Amazing and wonderful tool. Just simply upload your photo, choose the cover to any magazine you want to and your image is ready. Just print it out purchase a new magazine, change the front cover and make a fool to your friends.

Mag My Pic has ready to use templates of every famous magazine all over the world. Which includes Model ,Sexy ,Truelove ,Motor Mania ,Fashion ,Vague ,Riches ,Style ,Player ,Teen Girls ,Bride and many more. After completing of your photo editing your can easily order a print or can post it to your social networking directly or can save it to your hard drive. I Tried it my self with my Son's picture from now he is top model for model magazine. LOL

So visit Mag My Pic now to make some interesting magazine covers.

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Anything that can make "fasion better"...

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