How To Make Good Content On your Social Bookmarking Sites

How To Make Good Content On your Social Bookmarking Sites | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Social Bookmarking Sites Are the Best Way to Increase our Blog Traffic and make our self famous in the world of blogging. As a new Blogger these sites help us as a back push for new comers. They Help us to increase our visibility in the blogging world. This is greatest tool and most of it free tool to promote our blogs.

But sometimes we didn't under stand the proper meaning and working of these sites. And just come to know about the start with a spamming way by posting so many links to our blog/websites This is Wrong way to increase. Just Posting so many of links will give us a rank of Spammer and all of the sites will ban our user names not only this they will also ban out blog/website Url(In case if We think to make new user name).

So I Tried out to Provide Some tips That Can make Us Real And Stand out from the crowd of the blogging world.

* Quality content:- Quality Matters Quantity Doesn't
* Link directly to the source: Save people time by linking directly to the original news story.
* Search first: Avoid duplication of submissions by searching to make sure someone else has not submitted the link already.
* Be descriptive: You are the story editor, so explain what it is and why it is cool.

So Next Time Going to Use Social Bookmarking Sites Think Once About the Above Points.

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Anonymous said...

A spammer is the last thing you want to be know as on a social bookmarking site. They can help you a great deal, but they can be useless if you just spam your content.

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