Microsoft Notepad 2007 for XML Developers

Microsoft Notepad 2007 for XML Developers | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Microsoft notepad is noting to just note a simple test writing tool. However, Microsoft Notepad is also a big utility tool for HMTL and XML developers. Microsoft is giving free XML Notepad 2007 to all of us. This software has its background from year 1998 when first time it has been launched. Its first development was done in C++. However, now the latest version is developed in C#. Big news for the XML developers is that we can download it from Microsoft's official site for free. Via

Below are some Features of XML Notepad.
  • Drag and drop
  • Search:
  • Intellisense
  • XSLT Transformation
  • XML Compere
  • Cut/Copy/Paste

Click here to download Microsoft XML Notepad

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Rocky said...

If the software work with so simple featues then it would be really awesome and i am sure that many people are going to like it lots. Normally such simple functions are not easily available in any XML.

Jimson said...

i am agreed to rocky but as we all know that we all like the free stuffs so i dont think people will reject it instead i think lot of downloads will be done on it!

Wolf said...

Very Good Information. I have never thought of doing this for my HTML writing. Thanks for the tip!!!

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