5 Reasons why your Blog is Not Making Money

5 Reasons why your Blog is Not Making Money | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Earning lots of Money while Blogging is like a dream for almost all bloggers but very few blogs are able to achieve this and majority of blogs can’t generate decent amount in revenues despite of using all kind of traffic monetizing programs like Affiliate Marketing, Adsense etc. In this article I would be sharing tips which would help you to get the answer of questions like “Why your Blog is not making any money” or “Whether this blog is going to generate any revenues in future or not”.
  1. Not Having the Right Audience: - I am not talking about the quantity of traffic but the quality of traffic. Have you ever thought about from what stage of buying cycle your traffic is coming from? You need to find out whether your blog attracts traffic which is looking for information after buying a product or it attracts traffic which looking for information about a new product and planning to buy it. For e.g.:- A blog which contains more information and reviews related to new products of its niche would attract more traffic with intention to buy as compared to the blog of similar niche which contains only informational contain. So, the first blog would definitely make more money as compared to latter.
  2. Not having the Right Content: - This is a follow-up point. You have to make a proper balance between content with commercial intention and content mainly with informational intention. For e.g.:- Nobody would ever go to Wikipedia with intention of buying a product, Wikipedia only gets traffic which is looking for information.
  3. Not Concentrating in Single Niche: - Blog which covers a wide range of topics instead of focusing in one niche have low probability to influence buyers or to convince them to buy product they are recommending as compared to blog which is completely dedicated to that niche. For e.g.: If I have to buy a monitor, I will give more preference to reviews in Pcworld as compared to reviews on other websites, because I know that Pcworld has highest authority when it come to computer products. In short, always write about things you really know about and try to become authority in one niche instead of becoming jack of all trades.
  4. Not helping readers: - Your blog is not helping readers in solving their problems and making their lives better. Before thinking of making any money from your blog, you need to ask What Problem Your Blog Solve and you would have a clear idea why it is not making money. To make real money, you need to solve real problems. Nobody would going to buy from your sponsors unless you can convince them how that product would be making their life much easier.
  5. Not having anything Unique: - Your blog is similar to thousands of other blogs in the same niche. You don’t have anything new to say or for adding to the community. Now, you must be thinking that what unique content about a topic you can share with your readers when thousands of people have already written about it. But you need to believe that each person has its own unique style. Try to tell things in your own style which nobody else has so that you can easily standout from the rest.
To conclude, earning a decent amount from blog so that you can quit your full time job is not an easy task and it would take years of hard work to reach at that point. Always keep money as secondary goal and helping your readers as top most priority. Be Honest with your opinions and don’t be a kind of blogger who is going to tell his readers how to make money online by completing surveys because nobody is interested in that. At the end, I would like to know about your opinions so feel free to share them in comments.

Gagandeep Singh is a freelance writer working for Invesp and loves to write on Landing Page Design and optimization, Blogging, Web 2.0, Conversion Rate Optimization, SEO and Affiliate Marketing. You can contact him on twitter directly at @gagan4687.

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Not building trust.

That is the important. Build the trust among readers then you will get more affiliate sales.

Iqbal said...

Yes. U r right!!! I am gonna follow this idea.... Which surely work out

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