Top 12 Free URL Shortening Services for Link Sharing on Social Networking and Email Marketing

Top 12 Free URL Shortening Services for Link Sharing on Social Networking and Email Marketing | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
We need to make our URL’s short when we want to share them on Social Networking like Twitter, Facebook, Linkdin and Email Marketing Purposes. Very first reason of making URL’s Short is Space constrain and there after comes about hiding the original URL from visitors. As on twitter making short URL is compulsory because we have only 140 characters to post.

For shortening our URL we access some web based free services which provides us the great service of URL shorten. I use below given services whenever I need to make shorten URL’s.
  1. Very first service which provides shortens of URL’s along with share and track facility. This service has integrated into popular third party tools like Tweet deck, Twitter feed, and Seesmic that let registered users automatically shorten their URL with For more about tools visit this page. Its real time tracker gives user a power of track complete listing of URLS like Clicks, Referrer and Country.
  2. Another land marked URL shorten service by This service tool includes all the features and tool of as its parent have.
  3. Hoot Suite :- The Professional Twitter Client comes with lots of Useful features along with shortening of URL. This Client helps to manage all twitter profile. You can create groups, embed columns, and feed your RSS, schedule tweets, report spam, view user info and lot more. But you can use it only if you have created an account with it very use full service give a try to it.
  4. Tiny URL: :- this is the very famous site with a status of 400 million of them. Over 2 billion hits/month. Nothing new with this service but still a trusted URL shortens service for reliable results. Easy to Use Add on’s for your internet browser is available
  5. Shrink a Long URL with Budurl that is designed by business, for business. Make an account, manage all links on one easy interface with custom notes to keep track of your placement with referrers, click charts. 301 and 307 redirects ensure the best tracking and search engine benefits.
  6. Here we come with Trim trimming long URL in small one. Trim provides many kind of tools to make shorten URLs likes Firefox Extension (Simply Add to Firefox and make Trim, Also check the status of your trimmed URL without loading of their site.), Dashboard Widget (If you use Apple OS X and, you definitely want our nifty Dashboard Widget), Bookmark lets (A bookmark let is a small application stored as a bookmark within your browser. You do not download bookmark lets per se, but you drag and drop them onto your browser bookmark bar, and then use them from there), Ubiquity (Scripts For Mozilla's Ubiquity a script for was written by Dion Almaer to a URL with ubiquitous ease.).
  7. Long Mini :- It’s easy and spams free to use. Uses captcha words to verify that human is browsing at their site. It has two kinds of services for one URL and for many URL shortens at a click. Yes your can convert up to 100 URL in one go. And also add your own keyword to each URL subject to availability. They provide Widget to be used on your own site or blogs.
  8. Cligs Short URLs with analytics, social media monitoring and geotargeting. This service has a very unique tracking and redirection system. Its analytics using charts and data is very interactive. Its search engine optimized Cligs uses the 301 forward which are recommended by Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft to help you get the best rankings benefits.
  9. Another Free Shorten URL redirection service. But somehow it is cleared on front page of site that “Short URLs used in spam (including email and forum spam) will be disabled “. Means they track the URLs being used for and disable if spammers use it again and again. It also works on a privacy code that a person never come to know about the original URL
  10. Lite URL: - very simple and clean Shorten URL service for long URL’s. But Nothing extra is loaded in this no widget and no plug-in for browsers
  11. Moourl :- It also free but little funny from its Name. It has a logo of Cow on its home page and making shorten URL is called by them milking of URL. It also provides the browser drop and click plug-in to easy use and personal keyword touch to tiny URL
  12. Snip URL :- Another great Shorten URL site come with Drag and Drop browser plug-in, coding for app use and snip many URL’s at once click. Also manage your URL’s but you need to create a account before making many URL’s in one go and to manage them.
So there are the sites I tried out to make shorten Urls for my social networking and email marketing.

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Hootsuite provide u with stats about the number of views, regions and many more., that is why i love using Hootsuite.,

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Thanks man for this complete list. I like tinyurl

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