How to Create a Password Reset Disk for your Computer login?

How to Create a Password Reset Disk for your Computer login? | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Forget password for your computer login then you has to format is or ask for an expert. But Windows xp gives a great genuine way to reset our login password. Yes Windows xp have an inbuilt function of creating a reset password disk that can work in case we forget password of our login.

For making your own password reset disk, go to ->Control Panel->User Accounts and click on your user name. Now click on the Prevent a forgotten password (insert a removable disk drive before clicking) as shown in the below given picture. This will take you to an auto wizard for reset password disk. Click next and choose to save on removable disk. (Note if you have not inserted any removable disk window will give and error that “Your Computer does not have a removable disk drive. A removable medium is required to use this feature”

Follow the wizard and then click next and Finish. Now the removable disk is loaded with your encrypted password. Please make sure it works with only one time removable disk once you created new disk old disks will be useless. Now in case you forget password it’s easy to reset password this disk. Whenever you fill out wrong password, use this disk with Reset Password. Follow the step-by-step wizard to reset your password. Remember each time you changed password you need to make a new disk.

Hope this will help many users who often forgets their Computer Login Passwords and easily reset their password.

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ProVamsi @ India365 said...

Oh, I need to check if this otion is available in vista, thanks for the tip friend.

Karamjit said...

It is really a great idea of giving a password for the will be helpful in maintaning the security and the proper functioning of the PC.

Ninad said...

Thanks dude ,

Its works

I found it really easy to do after reading your article.
your are a life saver.

once again thanks

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