Ezyzip Helps to Compress & decompress (zip) files online For free

Ezyzip Helps to Compress & decompress (zip) files online For free | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Free Compression SoftwareFor compressing our files we all use WinZip or Winrar. But we need to install software on to our computer before using them. But now we can compress and decompress our files for free any where any time without installing software on our computer with the help of ezyzip.

EzyZip is a cool web based application that can help us to compress and extract files online. It’s totally free and no need to register for using this service. This application is based on Java platform that only need the java installation on any system. It executes a java applet inside your browser and archives files locally, making it much faster and easier to use.

If you want to use this online free tool then visit at http://www.ezyzip.com/ and follow the instructions given on front page of website. In simple steps we can create compress (zips) files and decompress them again for free with help of EzyZip online free tool.

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Steve said...

A little odd as the main reason to compress files is to limit the bandwith needed to transport them. If the zipping is done online, then they must all travel uncompressed the first time.

Fha Refinance said...

It is very good to know about the new way by which we can compress files in an easy manner and even decompress it. It will surely be very useful to a lot of people and many of them will like it equally.

sudharsan @ technoskillonline said...

mmm cool website
but it will not usefull when offline but we can use it for emergency

Gurpreet Singh said...

Thanks to all of the commenter yes this site is cool and meant for online processing

Dolphenstein said...

@Steve Ezyzip runs as an applet. That means that the code is run locally on the computer. i.e. no uploading/downloading required!

Parwati said...

Hi Author
Thanks a lot for this great post, Really useful for me.
Please keep posting.
I would like to hear more from you.

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