Participate in the Review Contest and Win Prizes worth Hundreds of Dollars

Participate in the Review Contest and Win Prizes worth Hundreds of Dollars | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
This contest is open for everyone that owns a blog. This contest is a boon especially to online entrepreneurs that wish to have fascinating web templates for their websites. While these high quality web products cost hundreds of dollars, here’s a chance for you to win professionally designed web templates and banners by taking part in this contest. The highlight of the contest is that you need not necessarily be a top scorer to get prizes, even mere participation in the contest entitles you for a fabulous prize.

Your mission is to post the entire review given below including the in-content links along with the rules and prize list in your blog sites. All you have to do is copy the entire description and paste it in your blog and publish it. The top three participants that score maximum number of credits will be declared the winners of first, second and third prizes. When there are number of contestants with equal credits winners will be selected by

A review on the fascinating trio—,, and is one of the most preferred membership websites in the internet, when it comes to purchasing website templates. The reputed online store for website templates has thousands of high-quality hand coded web templates that comply with the latest W3C standards. The web design company that owns the online store is also a well-known for its SEO services. This is why the company has tuned every one of the template in display for the best results when it comes to search engine optimization. The awesome collection of web templates forms not only an eye candy for the viewers but also offers a wide choice for lovers of perfection.

One can find almost all kinds of templates ranging from simple WordPress templates for blogging to highly complicated CMS templates for full-fledged online stores here. Not only does the website contain high quality website templates in various web technologies but there is also plethora of templates categorized industry wise. Those who wish to launch websites in a jiffy can do it so with minimal customization of the templates and still get a fantastic website in a short span. Unlike other template providers that let you alone to struggle with templates, provides complete customer support. The website also offers various other web related services required to make your website live at highly competitive rates.

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Prize details for winners are as follows:
First prize:
Second prize:
Third prize:
Prizes for participants
  • Every participant will receive a professionally designed web template from the sponsors.
  • Read the ‘Terms and Conditions’ before you enter the contest. Your participation in the contest implies that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of the sponsors regarding this contest.
  • The contest starts on 30-01-2010 and ends on 28-02-2010 credits earned after the closing date will not be included.
  • To participate in this contest your blog should be at least 3 months old.
  • Participants can post this review article in any number of blogs and only one post per blog will be accepted.
  • Post this review along with sponsors’ ad banners, rules, and prizes. Care should be taken that the hyperlinks in the review are “do-follow” links and are live.
  • You can follow us on twitter and earn credits as well leave your Twitter user name in comment after following us
  • You can also post reviews about the contest on different social media sites to gain credits
  • You can get the maximum credits if you write a review of your own about any of the sponsors’ websites,, or
  • Submit your entry URL by posting a comment beneath this review article
Credit values are as follows:
  • For blog post - 3 credits
  • For twitter followers - 2 credits
  • For social media bookmarks - 1 credit each (e.g. digg, stumbleupon, etc.)
  • Writing a short review about any of the three sites on your own and posting it on your blogs would get you an additional 10 credits
Terms & Conditions
  • All of the entries will be judged by a panel of experts based strictly on the prescribed rules and persons with highest credit scores will be declared winners.
  • As far as the prizes are concerned the decision of expert panel appointed by the sponsors are final and binding.
  • Sponsors reserve the right: to substitute a prize for any item specified in the list in the event of non-availability of the specified prize; to end the contest earlier or extend it further than the date specified; and to withhold the results in the event of a dispute.
  • Prizes are awarded without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied without limitation.
  • Use of the prizes is at your own discretion and risk and sponsors will not be liable for any damages resulting from the use of the prizes awarded.
  • Winners of the contest will be notified by email only.
  • The winner that does respond within 15 days after the notification will forfeit his/her prize.
  • In the event of panel discovering any fraudulent practices, such as cheating, deception, or other unfair practices the winner will be disqualified from the contest even after the announcement of the results.
Note:- Due to some Changes by our Sponsors Date is extended Up to 10-04-2010.

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