Top 12 Ways/Applications to send Tweets as Scheduled Future Tweets in Twitter for free

Top 12 Ways/Applications to send Tweets as Scheduled Future Tweets in Twitter for free | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Twitter is FutureTwitter the top in micro blogging site makes everyone addict of sending tweets in 140 characters. A this service is free and on rise so many of other developers have started making something different to be used by twitter user. One of these developments is sending tweets in future. Yes it’s easy to send your tweets as future scheduled tweets but this feature is not yet officially declared by twitter. We have to use other sources means third party application to send future tweets.

Below are the top twitter applications sites that help us to manage and send future tweets for free

AutoTweeter:-is a very cool java based application which is known as a cross platform twitter desktop client that give us the freedom of tweeting right from our desktop with scheduled future tweets as per our desire.

Twuffer :– is awesome online free web based applications which uses our twitter account name and user name to open an account. This is very cool for those people who want to send future tweets for their pre written tweets. Like you want to send advertisement tweets automatically after a interval of time then setup in this applications when the time and date comes it automatically post your tweets to your twitter account

Socailoomph : - previously known as TweetLater – TweetLater was just a simple online twitter applications for sending schedule tweets but their current version is very different. In this you can manage all your future tweets and much other kind of future predictions that you are reaching so many followers. And one things advertisement in their front page along with email notifications to get more followers.

Hootsuite :- Another Amazing and awesome web based twitter management applications. Send later feature of Hoot Suit enables us to send schedule tweets for future and also help to manage multiple accounts. Scheduled tweet to more than one account in one go.

Future Tweets :– Another cool website for free to setup online Future Tweets to send at a specific time in the future or send a recurring tweet daily, weekly, monthly or yearly!

Tweet-U-Later:- claims the your can set future tweets for years. Means you can set a future tweet that can be tweeted after 10 years. Simple to handle, cool to use and great to manage.

The Tycoon Scheduler:- Similar to other future tweet applications but with enhanced feature that you can run this applications from your own server. So must give a try to schedule tweets to re-occur on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

TwitResponse :– is still running in beta they are testing for bugs they face. It’s to cool to send unlimited amount of scheduled future tweets. Easy to manage from online dashboard to check scheduled tweets and edit or delete them.

TwittOnTime :-as it’s cleared from its name. Write your sharing’s and send them to the future. This is also a free online web based free service that lets you schedule your tweets.

TwitRobot :– TwitRobot allows schedule your Twitter messages. Send status updates to twitter even when you’re away from your phone or computer.But now they use a redirect on their home page to another sell their some twitter applications for those people who want to boost their followers.

Twaitter: - is cool and useful for those twitter users who have multiple twitter accounts. This works same for scheduler tweets or Twitter calendar but doesn’t use Twitter oAuth which is a potential security issue.

Taweet (beta) is "What are you doing in the future?” So in this word all the things are covered and for more please take a look at below given video.

So Choose which application fits to your choice for sending future tweets in your twitter account.

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