Manage Your Twitter Account from Desktop With Twhirl

Manage Your Twitter Account from Desktop With Twhirl | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
twhirl,twitter,desktopTwhirl is a free desktop client which helps us to manage our twitter (a great concept of micro blogging) account. According to twhirl we can access almost every feature of twitter from this desktop client. They have some enhanced features. Twhirl is inspired by the new Adobe AIR platform, which allows web development techniques to be used to create desktop applications.

It connects to multiple Twitter and Friendfeed accounts, pops up notifications on new tweets, shortens long URLs (using snurl, twurl or, cross-posts updates to Pownce and Jaiku, post images to TwitPic, searches tweets using TweetScan, filters timelines, and is localized to English, German, Italian and Spanish.

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