Twitter Buzz Spamming my Blog With Comments

Twitter Buzz Spamming my Blog With Comments | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Twitter Buzz SpammingAs a dedicated blogger I hate spamming and that’s why I have wrote a blog post in past about “Make Sure You are not a Spammer”. Not only me but all the blogger in the blogging world hate spamming whether it is comments or it is through email spamming.

So this post I am writing for a guy behind twitter buzz. I don’t know who is he or what he wants. But I know he is just spamming other people’s blog to promote his own product or blog. First I tried to contact him but there is no way to contact him. So I decided to make a post about him to give my message clearly.
If twitter buzz thinks that I will post its comments or visit again & again to its product page I will never. If he thinks that, I will promote his product than he is sick and needs some serious mentally consultants. Now here is another way I can suggest him that he can contact me directly about his product than I can definitely take a look to check what he is selling or maybe he will purchase a review of his blog or product.

So if twitter buzz is reading this post that stop posting these spam comments on my blog and elsewhere he is posting. Take a right side of promotion by leaving an image of spammer.

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Bangaloreloka said...

Spamming is what makes twitter powerful :S lol

elizer said...

@Bangaloreloka : really??

china hosting said...

Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free! Nice work on your Twitter. I am quite impressed with your level of customer service.

Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats said...

I really hate spamming.. hope that guy stops annoying u..

Ramkumar said...

Spamming blog from twitter,. luckily havn't experienced it as yet, Thanks to Akismet. You can try that plugin dude.

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