Backup Windows Live Writer Configuration & Plug-in with Backup Tool

Backup Windows Live Writer Configuration & Plug-in with Backup Tool | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Windows Live Writer is most powerful and one of the most used blogging tool around the world. All the famous blogger gives their first preference to this tool. This software has lots of plug-ins and backup of Windows Live Writer for our safety.

The every blogger use their own configurations and plug-in according to their own use means standard installation will not provide us same things after the re-installation of same software as we use. So what to do in this case? So here we come to thinking to get a backup of configurations & Plug-in.

Now for Windows Live writer we have a solution. We have an Import and Export Wizard plug-in that helps us to take a backup of all of our plug-in and configurations installed with writer. This handy plug-in gives us power to export chosen setting to external file and/or even on FTP folder (and soon SkyDrive).This Plug-in is developed by Kobi Pinhasov

Easy export-import setting on Windows Live Writer. Here are some key features.

Export/Import configuration settings, Auto links glossary, Preferences, Blogs – blog accounts configured for current user, Plug-ins – all plug-ins installed on current PC, Saving settings in local folder, network folder, folder on FTP, folder on SkyDrive (soon), anywhere in the cloud (soon), Very quick and straightforward installation

If you are still not using windows live writer you can download it here. Download Windows Live Writer Backup Plug-in here

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Ramkumar said...

This is awesome dude, previously I used to do the settings manually everytime i re-install Windows., Will try this one.

jackson said...

I was not knowing about it but now I came to know about it!This windows tool is really a must thing for my blog too!Thanks !

Mayur said...

Windows Live Writer is my favorite blogging tool. I feel very uneasy writing any post without it.

Another Blogger said...

I will star using this tool bro. Thanks :)
Please visit my new blog, I really need your feedback, and welcome to MMO Social Network.

Ruchi said...

Excellent post. I guess all windows live writer lovers are going to like this. Thanks for sharing.

Ramarao said...

Good article. I only came to know, we can back up settings through this post. Please visit my tech website.

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