Leave Airtel 4Mbps Plan Try Airtel 50 Mbps & 30 Mpbs Broadband Plans

Leave Airtel 4Mbps Plan Try Airtel 50 Mbps & 30 Mpbs Broadband Plans | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Airtel 4Mbps Broadband PlansRecently I have written about the Airtel 4Mbps Unlimited Broadband Plans. That are hitting the news because Airtel 4Mbps Unlimited Speed is a great option those are just getting the speed of 256Kbps or 512 Kbps. But now take a long breath because Airtel Broadband plans are soon hit your routers with the speed of Airtlel 50 Mbps & 30 Mpbs. That means if you want to a 700 MB in size and with a download speed of 50 mbps, it would take about 3-4 minutes to download the entire film.

So this service is already launched in the Delhi & Gurgoan and in second Phase it will hit the internet surfing in Mumbai. As the Speed is big so price is too big. If you need a 50 Mbps Internet speed than you have to pay Rs 8,999.00 Per month (free data transfer up to 200 GB) and If your want only 30 Mpbs Internet speed Then pay just Rs 7,999.00/month.

According to my Experience I have tried Airtel 4Mbps speed which gives me freedom from waiting time to surf more than 10 sites on the same time. Time saving means more time to surf more. So I have to wait until these new Plans of Airtel 50 Mbps & 30 Mpbs Airtel Broadband Plans launched in Ludhiana.

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Ramkumar said...

The prices are pretty much expensive mate and the transfer limit is also low . Waiting to see India get high speed unlimited plans for cheaper price.

Gurpreet Singh said...

@Ram Kumar yes rates are higher than the speed we are getting.

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