Yfrog to Share your Pictures & Videos on Twitter

Yfrog to Share your Pictures & Videos on Twitter | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Yfrog Share Pics on TwitterYfrog to Share your Pictures & Videos on Twitter. Sharing is a great concept in social networking so sharing Your Pictures and videos on twitter is also a great way to share things with your social network.

Yfrog is another Great online twitter sharing tool that can help you to share your images & videos with your twitter followers. You can easily upload the files to Yfrog from your computer, another web URL or directly record your own video with webcam. They have also developed a great Iphone application to upload images and videos directly from Iphone.

So what for you are waiting just go Join Yfrog Start uploading & sharing your Image & video on Twitter . Also Check Post your Flicker Photos on Twitter

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Lucifer said...

There are many such sites which let us share picture,videos, and yfrog is one of the them which is great tool for sharing on twitter

Andy FirstFound said...

YFrog's a great bit of kit. It's automatically linked to my HTC phone, so if I take a picture I can upload it to Twitter automatically.

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