Winners Result for Review Contest

Winners Result for Review Contest | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Here we come with the Winners Result for Review Contest. We apologize because of an unnecessary delay. As due to this delay Contest participants think that we have done Scam But I am not the only Person to provide the Contest Prize. So delay comes at my end and some comes from the Others Sponsors. So I got the List of the Prize Winners I got from other Sponsors.
  1. 1st prize
    • Danielmaone
    • No.of blog post = 10
    • Credit Value= 30
  2. 2nd prize
    • Karthise
    • No.of blog post = 7
    • Credit Value= 21
  3. 3rd prize
    • Rosa
    • No.of blog post = 6
    • Credit Value= 20
But I found that some of the Contest Participants has deleted the Original Posts without asking me anything.. As per My Promise I am still ready to pay their Prize money. If they Think that I am still scammed them Then They can leave No Body has Contacted me behind the reason for not declaring the winners. As a real blogger I feel very sorry for my side delay

Thanks to All Participants & Congratulations to the Winners.

Note Winners:- Please provide me your Paypal Id's That I can Send you the Cash Prizes.

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prettu said...

do not wait for the outcome of the contest, only if it can congratulate the winners!

Gurpreet Singh said...

@prettu Thanks for Your Visit I know Its My Fault and I asked But here's My Personal Reason that give me a back push from my blogging life

Forex said...

Agree with prettu...

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