Image Search Engine Optimization How to?

Image Search Engine Optimization How to? | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
As we all know Google and other search engines are not reading images. So question arises how to make Image Search Engine Optimization that we get some juice of organic traffic from search engine. There is a little tact behind this hack for image optimization for search engines.

We need to add the keyword related to image or our content in the alter tag of image. Alt tag is readable by the search engines and it’s easy to understand about the image. First when you upload image than this tag is empty and you need to add some text or key word to the tag.

For example

Uploaded Image's HTML code looks like this

<img src="name-of-image.jpg" alt="" />

So in about alt tag is empty now you need to add some text to this while this is a keyword or a simple text but I recommend you to use of keyword is much beneficial.

<img src="name-of-image.jpg" alt="Google Search engine" />

So now you got your image search engine optimization.

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