Track twitter follower growth with Twitter Counter

Track twitter follower growth with Twitter Counter | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Track twitter followerTwitter is an awesome tool for social networking and promoting our blogs. And to track twitter follower growth we have lots of tools available on internet. Getting data about how much users followed us in one day or how much our tweets are retweets are monitored by these tools. Some are free or others are one premier charge with more features.

Twitter counter is the one of these tools. This is a great Twitter Applications tool that comes in free and premier versions. Basis things are free with this tool like daily statistics like total followers, Un-followers, retweets. According to this data this tool provides the future predication that how much Followers you will get tomorrow. Like below picture here is an analysis of my twitter account.

So go to twitter counter make a account and Track Your Twitter follower growth & Popularity

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