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The BlackBerry Bellagio | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Despite BlackBerry's apparent success across India, its 15% market share shows that it is struggling to compete with the market leaders Nokia and Samsung, which predominantly feature the Symbian platform, and combine for a market share of 61%.

However, with the release of the BlackBerry's latest OS, BlackBerry 7, the company is fighting back against this trend. BlackBerry 7 refines many of the features of earlier versions, with a major improvement in its speed, particularly in the browser. Features include Near Field Communication (NFC) that lets you connect with other NFC devices or accessories by tapping your phone. The universal voice-activated search lets you search your phone or the web just using speech.

BlackBerry 7 is not available on older versions of BlackBerry handsets - the first model to use the new operating system is the BlackBerry Bellagio. With an elegant and sleek aesthetic in classic black, the BlackBerry 9790 looks good. It packs a 1 GHz single core CPU, 768 MB RAM with an 8 GB internal memory. It includes a touchscreen keyboard, whilst retaining the iconic QWERTY keyboard that has become characteristic of BlackBerry, and a major selling point for users who find a keyboard more convenient for typing but appreciate the responsiveness of a touchscreen. The BlackBerry Bold price is also very reasonable for what it offers, at around 25,000 Rs.

So can these updates help BlackBerry compete with their rivals? Only time will tell, but with these impressive statistics, it certainly remains a major contender.

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