Top 5 Free Android Apps for Students

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Top 5 Free Android Apps for Students

Android is popular not only among businessmen, but among teens and students, too, that’s why there are so many apps on Android Market targeted at students.Here are the top 5 Android apps designed for students.

  1. Merriam-Webster Dictionary   
    • I don’t think there is a student who can get along without a dictionary. And I don’t think there is a student who wants to carry around a huge tome of a good dictionary. Here’s when your smartphone can be useful for you – be it one of the coolest Samsung phones or an old Android device – just download the Android version of one of the most famous dictionaries in the world, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. It’s free and it’ll give you access to a big word database (with Synonyms and Antonyms, example sentences, audio pronunciations and even voice search) that will surely be useful for you whatever you study.
  2. WikiDroid for Wikipedia      
    • Many students refer to Wikipedia when studying, and now reading Wikipedia has become much easier with the WikiDroid app, which formats the articles from the famous online encyclopedia so that they’re easier to read on Android phones.          
    • This free app supports all Wikipedia languages and offers you voice search, live search suggestions and bookmarks (and even homescreen shortcuts to your favorite articles). You can also jump to random articles and save those you liked on your SD card.
  3. Document Scanner     
    • The next app that can be very useful for students is the Document Scanner, which can scan pages (using your phone’s camera) from books, convert and save them as PDF files. You can then upload the files to GDocs, Dropbox or Evernote if you want to share or store them.
  4. Math Formulary       
    • If studying math has always been difficult for you, the Math Formulary app is what you need. It has all the math formulas (including basic arithmetic, algebra,geometry, trigonometry,analysis and much more) you can need in your school or university. Some of the formulas are illustrated with pics to explain them better. By the way, the app is available in three other languages, too – Spanish, French and German.
  5. My Student Budget Planner         
    • The last app that can be useful for students has nothing to do with studying. My Student Budget Planner by Palgrave Macmillan will help you manage your finances, which is no less important for students than studying.

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