How To Install Blog Tool bar In Blog to Increase Trafic and Page Views

How To Install Blog Tool bar In Blog to Increase Trafic and Page Views | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
blogger tool barDo you have noticed a new change to my blog. I have blogger tool bar installed on my blog. Which have lots of features like Blog search, Web search, Translation, Recent Posts, Random Post, and Feed Button, Share This ,Twitter and latest notifications from my social networking like twitter ,face book? This tool bar is free of cost and a simple little java script.3

How to create your Own Blogger Tool Bar.
Wibiya the professional Tool bar providers. Wibiya provides it free of cost. Before providing you this tool bar they take some time to review your blog. After approval your will have to submit information about your blog, Feed and social networks. And in just few click you are ready with your new tool bar.

Features that Wibiya Provides

Create a Facebook Community
  • Create a blog community using Facebook Connect
  • Real profiles of real people
  • Track your community growth as readers invite their friends
  • Communicate with your community and learn what they like
Increase Page Views
  • Gain traffic from Facebook through your members news feed
  • Engage readers and raise page views with applications such as post navigator and blog search
  • Track your traffic growth through simple analytics tools
Communicate With Your Readers
  • Share your tweets with your readers in real time
  • Send short alerts to your readers with each entry to your blog
  • Direct channel to your Facebook community members
Power Tools
  • Discover a growing range of applications to enrich your readers experience
  • Full tracking and management system for each application and effectiveness to your blog
  • Add and remove applications in just one click
Get your blogger tool bar now and enjoy the difference in your blogging experience.

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Prateek said...

Do n't you think that this toolbar is increasing your loading time..

Dexter Boyle said...

The change looks pretty cool and i am sure that many people will definitely work. I am quite confident that many people will prefer doing the same changes to their blogs and any people will appreciate the changes.

Gurpreet Singh said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. No I don't Think it takes very nominal time to load. But if we have a bad net connection than I have to worry about it

Mark Richardson said...

thanks for giving me the idea about installing the toolbar to our blog really it helped me a lot thanks for it great to know that it has such a big importance in it !

$@! said...

Thanks a lot !

$@! said...

I am not able to register beacause i didn't get the invitation code yet !what should i do ?

Web Design said...

Nice advice. This change is good and it don't even take too much time. Thanks for this great post.

الخوجة said...


Gurpreet Singh said...

@ الخوجة
Thanks For visiting my blog. Wibya Provides invitation by reviewing our blog. So visit it submit your blog and you will get invitation if they think it is worth for you and for them.

sabrina said...

Thanks for sharing the tips, I'll install it into my blog.

vijay said...

Thank u verymuch for this idea.iI searched over internet to find this tool bar because i dont know the name of this toolbar.Now i installed this one on my blog.Thanx...

bar tools and accessories said...

Wow… it is great advice. It takes not more time to the instillation. The change of toolbar it’s great advice thanks for it.

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