Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Screen Short

Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Screen Short | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
FirefoxFirefox is raising name in the Internet Browsing. From very Short period Firefox internet Browser has made its name in the top list of internet browsers. As other companies are giving a tough competition to Mozilla Firefox. In the sake of their competition Mozilla tries to make its browser better and better.

Recently Mozilla corp. has launched its Firefox 3.5.1 version. And now they are going to be ready to the launch of Firefox 4.0. And this time they will come with a difference and make more and easier internet browsing.

Below is a screen short of upcoming Firefox 4.0

Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Screen Short

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Dexter Boyle said...

Firefox 4.0 looks awesome to. I am confident that many people will definitely like it and it will be much better than its old version.Seems very awesome.

Arun said...

its awesome...what they r going to the taps going change like chrome or what ????

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