How to increase visibility of your blog for Search Engine and Readers

How to increase visibility of your blog for Search Engine and Readers | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
After the launch of Google’s Blogger service the World Wide Web got a share of internet business. Now we can call the blogging as the heart of internet. Some companies like Google are providing free blogs. Setting up a blog is very simple now. We have to update only our blog on regular basis. Balance the all things taken care by these services like, problems, Servers etc.

As going on blogging I learn some basic tips to maintain and enhance our blog. I am going to share these tips with all of you here.

1. First of all making our blog search engine optimised (SEO). Like making our title search engine friendly, that can be searched better in search engines. Then enrich our blog with the keywords. Keywords are helpful in increasing of our blog traffic. The increased traffic will automatically increase our blog’s profitability.

2. Link exchange with others will also increase our traffic. Search for the people who are interested to link exchange with you or ask others to offer a link exchange with you.

3. I found many of the bloggers not using feedbacks and comments in their blogs. In case you have maximum of traffic you need is ok, but if we have little traffic then we can take care of our reads by asking them for feedbacks. Feedbacks and comments will help us to improve our blogs and this will also increase our knowledge.

4. If you have more than one blog then link to each others. This will improve your search engine crawl and other blog may be the good source of the increasing traffic.

5. Not updating our blogs regularly is the biggest draw back. This will make our blog dead after some time. So update your blogs on regular basis as the time you get. Your reads will know the time when you are updating your blog as per your previous entries.If we update our blog on regular basis then the search engine spiders will list our blog in the regularly updating blogs list. This will help more to us.

6. Link to your own blog posts on the topic as you have written in previous. This will help you readers to read what you have written in previous.

7. Write About your Own About Me Page. Who Are You, What are your Dreams, From Where Are You.

8. Provide your Readers Direct Contact to you’re by using some kind of online contact me forms or giving your mail id on your blog posts

9. Quality Matters Quantity Doesn't

10. Never be A Spammer. Don’t use Groups to send your Blog Links. Use your Blog URL As the signature in your email and forums

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InfoWebExplore said...

hi,,,don't you have a Follow widget? because just wanted to bookmark you in my blog and read the info later (now just being busy)

Gurpreet Singh said...

Dear I have follow widget in the footer of my blog you Can easily see it. If you look interesting in my blog than you can subscribe to mail.

Space Mountain Man said...

You sure are a know it all, aren't you?

Gurpreet Singh said...

@space Mountain Man
First Off all thanks for commenting I want to say here that no body is complete in knowledge. But what I have with me I shared. If you have something with you then you can write a guest post here with full credit & link back your blog. said...

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SEO Services Mumbai said...

By getting more quality backlinks you can increase your business visiblity in search engines through your targetted keywords.

offshore open source developers said...

thanks for these excellent tricks by which some one can drive traffic to his or her site thanks for this useful post.

Dashain SMS said...

These Were one of the Great Tip I have Seen.The idea to use URL in signature than to spam the forums are some of the tricks that will never bann the accounts. Great ful to your efforts.Thanks

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