Reading Google Webmaster Guidelines is Must before Starting Blogging

Reading Google Webmaster Guidelines is Must before Starting Blogging | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Google Webmaster GuidelinesYes reading Google Webmaster Guidelines (GWG) is necessary for every blogger to stay away from any kind of problem or penalty. But this is true that we never read Google Webmaster Guidelines or we can say this is in our nature that we leave terms & condition behind without reading for any work. And after that we always take our head into our hands & site to our desk.

GWG tells us much kind of things that will help us to grow more and more into Google Search. Google Search Engine is one of the mostly used search engine in the world. If we are into the lap of Google, than we are winning.

So here is a Video I found on YouTube for those who are not going to read out the brief details about the GWG.

I suggest you if you have time than please read out full details of Google Webmaster Guidelines

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karamjit said...

It is really needed to go through all the do's and dont's of Blogging before starting. As any small mistake can land you into trouble.

Costabingo said...

Yes you have to do keenly work in blogs.Because a little error can affect the whole working.So be careful while running your own blogs.

Unknown said...

Blogs are an easy way of earning cash as well as traffic to your site only if done in a tactful way

Bhanu Pratap said...

this is the only way to check compitition.

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