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Hide Disk Partition, Computer, Hard Disk Want to hide disk partition then here is a solution those who share computers with others and want to hide full hard disk partition for and kind of reasons. By hiding any of the hard disk partition it will not make it out of work any program installed on these partitions will work as it works before hiding the disk drive.

Let’s start with steps to Hide Disk Partitions
  • Hit the “Start” menu button followed by "Run."
  • Then type "gpedit.msc" in command line to open the group policy editor.
  • Now select "User Configuration" and click the "+" sign next to it. And also Click the "+" sign next to "Administration Template."
  • Then go to "Windows Components" and click the "+" next to it. Hit mouse button on "Windows Explorer."
  • Now find out the line that says "Hide these specific drives in my computer" on the right side of the screen. Double-click ""Hide these specific drives in my computer." You can also right-click, then click "Properties."
  • Now select the "Enabled." Box and Click the arrow next to "Restrict All Drives" and check out with mouse for the drives you want to hide. Click "Apply." Click "OK." Click the red "X" in the top right corner to exit group policy editor.
  • Now open "My Computer" to check out the drive is surly hidden.
  • Next you have to check personal firewall software for errors. If it pops up with a screen asking you to allow registry changes, click "Yes."
And these are the step to hide disk partition on your computer. Source

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SjAy said...

Great I tried this with gpedit once and could not access the files and folders as I was applying the wrong values in the gpedit.

Great now it is working perfectly with these steps. Thanks!

Sergei said...

Yes very well explained indeed and in an appropriate manner. The steps wise explanation in awesome indeed and many people would like it indeed.

karamjit said...

It is needed to know the requied things about it and you have explained each and everything well indeed.

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