Themes for Mozilla Firefox Download now

Themes for Mozilla Firefox Download now | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Make your browsing experience much better and great with these cool Mozilla Firefox themes from the collections of CNET download center. Themes no just enhance your browsing experience but also give some rocking moment to your online life. This Mozilla Firefox theme collection contains a great collection with day to night, Glamor to natural. Source

Modern Modoki
A natural touched with gray color simple and beautiful perfect for the Web surfer or developer who wants his or her browser to fade into nonexistence. Link

NASA Night Launch
Travel to the world of Internet with dark Firefox themes. This theme has a shuttle image that "launches off" when a page is loading. link

The colorful buttons look great on the textured black interface Link

Super Mario Bros. 3
For the Mario fanboy in everyone, live the dream with tunnels for toolbar icons and pipes for scrolling. Link


The main reason it makes the list, however, is its "throbber," or the icon that animates while a Web page is loading. Link

HiVisGnome Jumbo
This helpful Firefox theme, developed as part of the Access Firefox project for users with vision problems Link


Ah, mint chocolate-chip ice cream Link

Redshift V2
Take a slide into the darker side, with this black-and-red Firefox theme that could appeal to both goths and 2 Fast 2 Furious racing types. Link

If you're one of those Christmas-loving maniacs who decorates every inch of your desktop with yuletide icons and loves to torment your coworkers with your holiday cheer, congratulations. Link

Go. Stop. Spin yourself crazy circling an inescapable roundabout. Vous n'avez pas la priorite! TrafficFox is the perfect Firefox theme for anyone who loves the term "information superhighway." Non? Link

Littlefox for Firefox
There are a number of great "mini" themes out there. The goal is to maximize screen space, making it ideal for viewing large pictures or videos with your browser. Link

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Steve said...

I didn't realize you could skin Firefox. Pretty nice if you are looking to have your browser match closer to your wall paper and other app skins.

sgwedd@bridal said...

Yes really it is very good to know that we can use our mozillas to decorate cause i am being fan of mario i liked to have the mario theme on my firefox !

karamjit said...

Really these themes are quite amazing indeed. I am sure that many people will be using these wonderful these in quick successions. It is quite interesting indeed.

cartucho r4i said...

well i think we got to post any ideas. specifically, ideas on what to put on them panels, as obviously the huge new tab window background can be set to whatever pic u like and itll still look nice.

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