Top 6 Free/Paid alternative software and programs for Microsoft Office

Top 6 Free/Paid alternative software and programs for Microsoft Office | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Microsoft has a great list of incredible products and also takes a big part of our pocket for its products. Microsoft Office suit is one of the software which is listed in our daily routine work list. As due to costing of Microsoft office some people can’t afford it so they try to use pirated software but in this case I prefer them free and open source office suits which really help us.
Below is a list of Free and open source office software as the best alternate to Microsoft Office.
  1. OpenOffice :- The name of Open office comes very first after the name of Microsoft office. This is a product of Sun Microsystems, Inc USA. This software is a part of all Linux based systems. Doesn’t worry it is also compatible with windows and easily useable as we use word process, spread sheet, data base and presentation. It gives us a freedom of using Microsoft Office files means it easily supports the files created in MS Office
  2. Google Docs: - Awesome product from the giving pockets of Google and one the most used online applications on web. If you are a user of Gmail then you have to take a chance to use Google Documents as its free and online you can take your documents everywhere with you. Same like other famous office suits it includes Web Processor, Presentation and Spreadsheet and also a mobile version of with multi-lingual.
  3. Zoho :- Web based document processor and file sharing system. Zoho has a great productivity of word processor, spreadsheet and presentation apps, but also includes online project management. But with a limited space of 1GB above this you have to pay.
  4. StarOffice :- StarOffice first comes with the bundled software of Google Pack that is totally free of cost. But Now Google Removed it from their free software list. Latest Version of StarOffice 9.1 is Available on their site. It is paid software but not too much like MS office.
  5. Thinkfree – :- As from the name it is cleared that this is another free application. ThinkFree Office and online applications in which we need not to install any software just upload your document and see it online. Thinkfree also has advanced collaboration features such that users can share, edit, and contribute their ideas remotely.
  6. Lotus Symphony:- Lotus Symphony was an integrated software package for creating and editing text, spreadsheets, charts and other documents on DOS operating systems. This Awesome product comes from the pocket of IBM. The package is completely free and includes the necessary features of an office suite. But not many are aware of this software
So these are listed in my list of free / paid alternative software to Microsoft Office. If you have any one with you then let me know I will add it into my list. When next time you are going to choose Office software them give a test to any one of the above Given.

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ProVamsi @ India365 said...

Yes, Lotus is not a widely heard name, I've not gone through it as well. I should take a good look at that one.

Thanks for letting us know.

Kikolani said...

Open Office is by far my favorite, but Google Docs is starting to creep up there simply because I don't have to use my USB drive to transfer documents - now I can just have them stored under my Google account and access them anywhere. An extra bonus is getting to share them with other as well, although I don't know how well the version control goes if two people end up modifying the document at the same time and then save it.

~ Kristi

Steve said...

Open Office is great for individual work while Google Docs is great for collaboration.

Karamjit said...

It is good to know that Microsoft is launching alternative programme that are free and paid. I am sure that many people will definitely like the post and it awesome indeed.

SSuite Office said...

You should also try SSuite Office for a free office suite. They have a whole range of office suites that are free for download.

Their software also don't need to run on Java or .NET, like so many open source office suites, so it makes their software very small and efficient.

You may try these links:

Ruchi said...

Nice collection.Never heard of think free. I will surely going to try.

Rajesh @ TechCats said...

I would like add Abhiword and lotus symphony to this list..

neelmoney dot com said...

Open office is the most recommended alternative text editor for Ms-Office

Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats said...

You can add Abhiword and rational rose to the list. Thank You

used car prices said...

Some of the applications are known to us & some are not like lotus symphony,Thinkfree etc. but all of them are very good to use cause they are very useful in the office work !

sm said...

Good Info

Bangaloreloka said...

I like the list..altho I don't use much of office for now as it hogs memory so this list can be helpful.. I wonder why does MS make such bulky softwares O_o

Ramkumar said...

Nice collection bro:)

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