Top 3 ways using for shortening urls

Top 3 ways using for shortening urls | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
As the Google is known for its better quality products one of these product is for making your URL’s shorten. Not only shorten the URL’s it’s also gives a safe scan before making URL’s Shorten. According to new before shortening the URL shorten performs a secure scan that the visitors are safe or not for the link. This main feature can hit the shortening world to switch to this new service.

Here are top 3 Ways that we can easily start shortening our URL’s
  1. bookmarklet Tool: No need to install the Google Tool bar. Just use this little and small bookmarklet button to start using Click on button in browser and get the shorten URL
  2. Firefox Add on for - lite a very simple Firefox extension that enable user to make shorten URLs with
  3. Chrome Add-on For :- People who love to use chrome can download this extension to easy access of shortener
So enjoy the easy use of Google's newly launched URL shortening service

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