Backup Firefox Passwords with Firefox Password Exporter Add-on

Backup Firefox Passwords with Firefox Password Exporter Add-on | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
backup for Firefox passwordsPassword Exporter Add-on is a great extension for taking backup for Firefox passwords. Passwords are our digital key to use the websites login. By taking backup of Firefox password we can secure our digital life. As a blogger or a user we use thousands of sites with different passwords. But it is not easy to remember each and every password. So we use password managers. This cool Firefox add-on helps us backup our all passwords along with website information and user names. Not only backup also helps us to export and import saved passwords for future use.

Password Exporter Add-on allows you to export your saved passwords and disabled login hosts using XML or CSV files that can be imported in another browser or computer. Let’s take an example how it is use full for us. You have two computers then easily transfer passwords from one to another and in case any kind of crash with our Firefox browser we can import saved password.

Follow Following steps to take back up of your Firefox passwords
  1. First Install Firefox Password Exporter extension (link)
  2. after installing this add-on restart your browser and open option popup window by clicking on Tool? Followed by option in Firefox
  3. Now click on Security you will see two extra button in password column as (Saved Passwords) and (Import/Export Passwords button)
  4. To check passwords just click on (Saved Passwords)
  5. To get backup click on "Import/ Export Password". Another popup window. In the Import/Export Passwords window, select Encrypt User names/Passwords check box (recommended as a safe guard) then click on Export Passwords.
I recommend this Firefox password exporter add-on that makes us secure and help us to protect our digital keys by taking the backup of Firefox passwords.

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