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Know Your Facts About Ethernet Over Copper | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Ethernet is a technology for local area networks or LAN’s, as they are popularly known.  Ethernet over Copper or EoC in simple terms refers to Ethernet transmission through copper wires.  It makes use of copper wire pairs that are bonded together to transport signals from the central telecom office to the customer.  It is widely used in homes and many prominent telecom companies offer this service to its customers.
In the case of EoC, a number of copper pairs are bonded to transmit data.  This bonding of copper wires enhances the speed of transmission.  Connections are provided to the customer from the local area telecom office.  One of the main advantages of this technology is that since there are several copper pairs in use, even if one fails, the service is not affected.  There is also scope for up gradation of bandwidth to provide better speed to the customers.
Since it makes use of simple copper wires, they are a cheaper option to the more sophisticated fiber optic cables.  The end result is that the customer needs to pay much less for the service.  Fiber optic cables are more prone to damage and hence disruption of service that may take time to be restored.   Installing these   copper cables is relatively easier, similar to telephone cables and can be directly plugged into the computer.  Hence the biggest advantage of EoC is the affordability and easy maintenance.

If at all there is any disadvantage of this technology then it is with regard to speed of transmitting data.  The distance of the customer from the central telecom office decides the speed of data transmission.    

It is a popular choice with homes and small businesses that require Email, basic Internet browsing, web conferencing and VoIP services. In short, it is best suited for communication and information centric use of Internet. However it may not be suitable for big businesses that require larger networking between different organizations and departments. Most of the telecom companies use fiber optics in combination with EoC to give best services in terms of speed and cost effectiveness to its customers.  It is a better choice than the T-1 and T-1bonded circuits both in terms of reliability and cost effectiveness.

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