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Push Messaging – The Technology | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Push messaging is a useful tool in today’s internet world. Push messaging also known as push technology or server push denotes the kind of communication that occurs when one entity, normally a business entity, initiates a communication. This is different from pull messaging where the recipient of the message initiates the request for information.Push messaging is a one-way communication where the message gets delivered on the recipient’s mobile device whether he wants it or not.

There are plenty of areas in which push messaging is deployed. Examples of this kind of messaging are emails, instant messaging, SMS or text messages and audio messages too. Push messaging also works when clients “subscribe” to or detail the kind of information they want and the server sends them the information or content as and when it is available. For instance, stock market information and news updates are examples of this kind of push messaging. Email also can work with the push messaging protocol and that is known as SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol which results in creating push emails. Some systems also use a “hybrid” technology where the initial message is generated as a push email but the transition from the mail server to the desktop computer or device is done with a pull protocol.

So why is everyone talking about it? Experts say that push technology is going to be a game changer or perhaps already is. For one, this technology simplifies the way people search for information. The intelligence of the internet can be harnessed to ensure that relevant information gets delivered to the client or end user’s device without him going through the rigors of searching for the same. How much more simple can life get! By giving him all the information he seeks push technology will certainly find a lot of takers. On the technical side, such dissemination of information can also help relieve the burden on the bandwidth.

Bandwidth burden is caused by people hooking on to the internet for their information needs. By giving them the information push technology can minimize or even eliminate the need for them to log onto the internet. There are quite a few software options that can be used for someone desirous of creating push technology for himself. All it will need is internet access and the software. Depending on the content that needs to be created, such software can be used to create messages related to sports, news, weather, stock markets and emails or even screen savers.

This technology works differently with difference devices and operating systems. For instance, only the MPN or Microsoft Push Notifications Server can send push messages to a Windows Phone 7 device. Similarly, for iOS devices, only an APN or Apple Push Notification Server can do the job. These kinds of push messaging services work on a persistent IP connection that gets notifications or information from many different sources or server side applications. Some of the challenges in the push technology are from corporate firewalls that may block push messages en masse to prevent blockages in their systems.

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