7 Practical Uses for Android Tablets

7 Practical Uses for Android Tablets | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
7 Practical Uses for Android Tablets
Tablets are spreading across the globe like a wildfire tearing through a dry wheat field powered by a gust of wind. People are getting tablets for a wide variety of reasons due to their ability to function as nearly anything they need it to be.
Everything from gaming to office work can be conducted on Android tablets and app support by developers are only adding to their functionality. When looking for a tablet, there are practical uses that you may not consider that may help you decide on which to buy.

  1. Help Desk - Many IT professionals utilize some form of help desk software in their organizations. Because Android smartphones and tablets are so popular among these professionals, nearly every one of these programs has an Android app to go with it. It is easy to look up help desk tickets while on location with the tablet connected to the network.
  2. Mobile WiFi Hotspot - There are many areas of a building or school that could benefit from a WiFi hotspot. Abilities in Android tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 create this hotspot while using 3G and 4G networking. While you are recording a sporting event at a school, you could be supplying WiFi access to those who need it in the stands.
  3. Interoffice Communication - There are many apps available on Android devices that allow you to edit and create Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. Apps like OfficeSuite Viewer 6 allow you to open and edit Microsoft extensions including the "X" extensions released in Office 2007 and up.
  4. Time Card - There are a lot of professionals who work on location and charge for his or her time. Android apps available for the tablet could record your time for billing not too mention gas mileage for travel expenses. As there are a variety of these apps to choose from, the hardest part is finding the right one for your needs.
  5. Education Galore - As Android apps are so popular, educational material is available in a variety of downloadable content. Aside from having support for ST Math and Accelerated Reader, apps for the Android include encyclopedias, interactive star charts using GPS, books, and so much more. There is something for every educational subject you can imagine for the Android tablet.
  6. Streaming Video - For those who travel a lot or simply want to watch a movie or video while laying in bed, the Android tablet can deliver. Apps including Netflix can stream media to your location using WiFi, 3G, and 4G networking. It is an entertainment system that travels with you.
  7. Gaming - As tablet technologies advance at an incredible rate, game producers revel in the capacity that these devices have for 3D animated entertainment. Games produced for Android tablets are growing steadily and teenagers are adding these devices instead of hand-held game consoles to their wish lists.

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Although laptops still have their use in the world, it may not be long before they are rendered obsolete. As Android tablets are superior in a variety of ways, they are gaining strength and popularity on a regular basis. Have you ever seen Captain Jean Luc Picard use a laptop on the Enterprise? Although this is only science fiction fantasy, how far from the truth is it really?

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