Win A Bazillion Credits Plus One! From Entercard

Win A Bazillion Credits Plus One! From Entercard | Blogging In Web 2.0 Beta
Hey All Of your may I Have your attention please. Are you a enter card Drop holic and always want more & more EC into your pocket than here is a new year contest is launched by Entrecard.

Time Line For This Contest end on exactly at 12:01 AM on 1/31/09.

What to do For Participating in this Contest:-
Write a Blog Entry about this contest on your own blog. All sponsors of this contest must be on air in your blog entry.And Mention which prize do you want to win as I want to wind 25000 Ec. This is a great contest to make our blog visitor rich. Either one wins or not but here is also a Great situation of some good amount of traffic we leave from entrecard's comment box. Because after making a entry we have to leave a comment with the link to our entry on entrecard blog. So don't forget to join it now.

This Contest Has A Big List Of Sponsor as given below:-

Games, Downloads, Walkthroughs - 25,000ec

Google Stalking - 20,001ec

Fragile Heart - 20,000ec

Atlanta Realtors - 10,000ec

The Beauty Denominator - 5,000ec

Norwegian Programmer - 5,000ec

nuke it dot org - 5000ec

Lofty Matters - 3000ec

Random Detox - 3000ec

Guilty Pleasures - 3000ec

Freebies - 3000ec

Project Kickass - 3000ec

Total Web Review - 3000ec

Realm of Prosperity - 2000ec

Fantasy Baseball Rankings - 2000ec

Webbiestuffs - 2000ec

Tazdog - 1500ec

Niacin Flush - 1000ec

Reading Lounge - 1000ec

Fendi Bags For Sale - 1000ec

Michael Aulia - 1000ec

Fish Oil Benefits - 1000ec

Better Interpersonal Communication - 1000ec

Singaporean in London - 1000ec

Diva Fabulosa - 1000ec

Expat wife blogging - 1000ec

Baby Frog Gifts For The Princess In Your Life - 1000ec

Health and Beauty Diva - 1000ec

Certified Pinoy Blogger - 1000ec

Make Money Online With Makoy - 1000ec

Versace Designer Sunglasses - 1000ec

Botany Extracts Aromatherapy Massage Oils - 1000ec

Makoy’s Take On The Arts And The Entertainment - 1000ec

Ken Armstrong Writing Stuff - 1000ec


Total Web Review - 1 month text link ad, 1 month 125×125 ad and a Blog Review (that’s three separate prizes)

Momma Wannabe - 1 month text link ad

Charcotrip travel blog - 1 Month 125×125 ad.

Celebrity Pics - A mousepad.

For more Detials Please Give a Visit to Entrecard 's Win A Bazillion Credits Plus One! Contest

Best of Luck For All.

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Dragonblogger said...

Wow, what a contest. Are winner drawn at random, 1 prize per winner?

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